AXO-Pro Real Estate


Siamo una società di consulenza aziendale, leader in tutta Europa e sinonimo di garanzia. Ci piace contribuire alla realizzazione di un sogno ottenendo risultati duraturi.


Buildings where to live in, produce, trade, study, stay, practice sports, look after themselves, using free time. Small and livable buildings, large urban complexes, hotels, shopping malls, residential care homes, schools, residential homes. To build and create places for free expression, action and growth.
This is the story of Mastri d’Opera, who have been witnessing company’s growth, contributing, with their job, to it.
This is our story, our future.
Axo-Pro is involved in developing Project-Finance and Project engineering, through international subsidiaries, working in a professional manner in the real estate and construction sectors and focusing on existing housing stock, civil and industrial plant engineering, high value properties, safeguarding the environment and energy saving.
Architects and engineers work to design and implement civil infrastructure, hotels, corporate headquarters, shopping malls, industrial buildings, residential care homes and hospitals.
The company acts either directly or as a general contractor, alone or in partnership with other companies, as a building business engaged in the marketing of buildings constructed on its own.